About us


RÊVE DUEL is a luxury knitwear brand created in Paris in 2017. 


The Name:

The name RÊVE DUEL literally meaning 'DUAL DREAM' defines our vision and aesthetic. We imagine the universe as the result of two opposites were every element is contrasted however, inevitably linked to each other. Life itself is divided between two conflicting universes, reality and dream, in which we are split.


Welcome to our world of Awaken Dreamers !


The Product:

Made in Italy by artisans ensuring quality and authenticity, RÊVE DUEL collections are defined by traditional knitwear techniques, principally intarsia and jacquard, approached with an avant garde eye whilst remaining subtly subversive. Wardrobe staples such as shirts and trousers are elegantly executed and given a contemporary Italian approach to tailoring, while adorned with variations of efflorescent and theatrical patterns. Practical elements such as cotton canvas edging on pockets for hardwearing showcase the attention to detail that is intrinsic to our brand. Worn as an entire look or styled as singular impactful pieces, we aim to produce quality items of individual value that have both sentimental worth and longevity.



Our Business:

Looking back with romanticism on the days when one would travel to different countries and acquire pieces that had both allure and individuality. We wanted to create a brand that focused on one singular market, Europe, offering local exclusivity as well as avoiding over production and exposure. Growth is important to us however, our beliefs lay in creating a solid and focused business with a pleasurable working atmosphere that is not compromised by the drive to expand.

Discouraged by, what we believe, a restrictive seasonal fashion calendar that promotes speed, excessive overproduction and waste. We set out to produce impactful pieces with immediate appeal, all while shunning the traditional fashion calendar for a more modern 'see-now-buy-now' format. This allows us to best manage our inventory to prevent overconsumption and waste. We also believe this makes for a better creative environment, forging a more organic and natural design pace. Our 'direct-to-consumer' sales strategy allows us to offer an incredible, luxury level quality at a lower price due to removing wholesale.

Due to the characteristic of knitwear being naturally flexible and elastic, our products can easily adapt to different body shapes. Because of this we can free ourselves from the limits of gender and create garments that respond to an aesthetic that can be adopted by all.


Who we are:

Paris based, we are a team of experienced fashion industry alumni with a shared dream and passion to create a brand and a work environment that we feel is both meaningful and progressive. Hailing from Italy, England and France; our European collective, headed by Valerio Lupi Cherubini, helps inform the true eclecticism of both our projects and collections.




We strive to be ethically and ecologically responsible to the best we can in all that we do, from the imagining to the distribution of the product. We aspire, as our business grows, to be innovative and progressive throughout our product chain and aim to be as transparent as possible with our consumers. 

  • Fabrication: As well as using both recycled and organic yarns, we work with our workshops to utilise and give a second chance to quality unused materials left over from previous production runs in order to combat unnecessary wastage and over production. Currently our materials, including labels are sourced from Italy.
  • Manufacturing: We believe being ethically responsible concerns both the choice of materials and the workforce. We currently, and will continue to use and work with smaller family run factories to encourage the growth and support for smaller businesses and local communities. This along with product quality are paramount when deciding who we work with.
  • Distribution: We currently sell our products online and ship to all EU countries (+Norway & Switzerland).